Top 10 Sexiest Jacquie and Michel Pornstars

The main interest of the videos of Jacquie and Michel TV is to put in action women that we could cross in everyday life (you can also see them on the site Jacquie and Michel Contact).

They could be our neighbors, a friend’s sister, a colleague’s mother, or the colleague herself. Accessible women, who are discovered in hot situations at J&M.

But do you know the sexiest of these actresses?

Bool Wow Team offers you a top 10 of the best Jacquie and Michel actresses, varied, to satisfy all tastes.

Our selection of the 10 hottest Jacquie and Michel TV actresses

You prefer them brown? Blondes? Fine or with strong curves? This top 10 Jacquie and Michel actresses present the sexiest women we’ve seen in the brand’s videos.

To each specialty, but they have something in common that is no doubt: they love sex. So, who we gonna say thank you?

#1 Tiffany Leiddi


A real little 22-year-old bomb, now with a chest displaying 80D. Destined for a career that had absolutely nothing to do with porn, the young Tiffany discovered the joys of sex filmed with Jacquie and Michel TV and has taken a liking to adventure.

On the screen, we see that it is made for that. And it looks like she loves to be in front of the camera, as she gives herself to her partner without restraint.

#2 Lucy Heart

This pretty blonde of Russian origin will not leave marble lovers of girls from the East.

With her perfect plastic and love for exhibitionism, she turns into porn more and more chic, playing the femme fatale glamorous and desirable. Her intense eyes and her small body that is hammered by imposing penises will make you want to marry a Russian.

#3 Sophia Laure

Attention, Sophie Laure is one of the sexiest French porn actresses we knew. The darling has started porn through passion, and she chooses her movies according to her sexual preferences.

Fans of brunettes with long black hair and large breasts will appreciate to see her in scenes where she sometimes submits to the delusions BDSM of her partners. A naughty, muse of Jacquie and Michel, who wishes a long career.

#4 Cecilia Lacroix


An actress Jacquie and Michel with the path a little particular, since the TV Audiences of M6, know it under the name of Aurélie, of the emission l’Amour food.

Landed in porn after her TV appearances, at the age of 31, she lets out her passion for sex. Busty blonde fans will be thrilled, before the hiccup of Cecilia who will stop at nothing to take her place in the industry of X.

From what we have seen so far, it is in the very right way.

#5 Sasha Zima


Sasha landed in porn for the sake of sex. As a result, she will stop at nothing to satisfy her own desires but also those of her audience.

Her luscious lips make her suck like a goddess and this body sculpted by the practice of Yoga will leave no one indifferent. And to see the ecstasy reached by its various partners, it seems that Sasha knows how to do it.

#6 Anna Polina

If you like luscious, brown-eyed, dark-eyed women, Anna Polina could be your absolute fantasy.

This Russian has been in the porn industry for over 10 years and she knows how to enjoy her partners’ sex games.

Does her chest, now a cup D more than imposing, there for something? It seems like it helps! It is also found among the best French porn actresses.

#7 Stella Cox


She is so cute that it is hard to imagine in a movie X … and yet.

She who claims to love-making living kissing puts her natural beauty in the service of pleasure. With a non-fictional hat E, an angel face, and a facility to ride her partners while having fun, this superb Italian 28 years has not finished performing as an actress Jacquie and Michel, for our more great joy.

#8 Tina Kay

Of Lithuanian origin, this beautiful plant, which is approaching 35 years old, is now a MILF.

But her career bears witness to more than 15 years of experience. From model to actress lesbian films, she ended up letting talk about her desires and fantasies to shoot in all kinds of movies: GangBang, BDSM, sex without taboo, she is one of the actresses Jacquie and Michel that we like to see in action all the way.

#9 Ria Sunn

Actress Jacquie and Michel, 20 years old, came straight from the Czech Republic. Fitness teacher in her spare time, she has a body that borders on perfection.

With her small firm breasts, her ideal proportions and a desire to kiss that reads in her eyes, we enjoy seeing her surrounded by men in hot scenes. A young woman whose career is to watch very closely.

#10 Marie Clarence


Tattooed, sexy and 100% French, she is a superb woman who is revealed in Jacquie and Michel productions.

She likes sex and it shows on the screen because it does not shrink from any practice. Her smile, her amber eyes, her breasts, and her fleshy buttocks make her partners crazy. And those who admire her in action too. When we say that French women are hot, She could perfectly illustrate that.

Sleeping with an actress Jacquie and Michel: Is It possible?

After this top 10, you might want to satisfy some fantasies. Know that some of the actresses Jacquie and Michel are known for their off-screen activity. While some are paid to meet customers and offer them pleasure, others do not hesitate to register on naughty dating sites. That’s why the brand launched Jacquie and Michel Contact, a platform for meeting libertine on which we meet some of these actresses.

With a little daring, you could share your bed with one of the feminine wonders that officiate as an actress at Jacquie and Michel, or with one of the women who enjoyed the time of a unique amateur shoot.

And when we see the plastic of women in this top 10, we can only hope to cross the road to one of them! And if that’s not enough, maybe you would be interested in this top 5 of the best Pornstars Snaps

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