10 Cam Model Tips For Successful Shows

Performing a successful cam girl shows is not unattainable, but neither is it easy. In this article, I give you 10 tips which in my opinion are the most important for successful webcam shows.

The tips below are all important, not listed in order of importance. So take the time to read to the last.

Note that some advice is only applicable to freemium platforms. If you are broadcasting in a private show on premium platforms, read on anyway, it’s not uninteresting (at least, I hope 😄).

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10 Cam Model Tips You Need To Remember

cam models tips

Tip #1: Take care of your look and presentation

The job of camgirl is a job of representation, you do the show all the time. It is therefore essential to be on top for each life and this goes through a little ritual before each of your shows:

  • Take a shower. This will relax you and you will in fact be clean from head to toe to perform your service in good conditions.
  • Take the time to do your hair, makeup, and possibly put on some jewelry. It is customary to say that you have to stay natural enough so don’t overdo it either. Personally, I prepare myself as if I were going to a “chic” evening.
  • Sexy panties and sexy outfits are required. Difficult to give universal advice on this point because it depends on your niche and your audience. But in general, choose your outfits based on what your audience likes the most, and feel free to renew this post regularly.
  • Being flirtatious (naughty 😉) and attractive is good, but don’t neglect the room you’re broadcasting in. It should be clean, tidy, and well lit. If you don’t have a room specific to your camgirl activity, don’t forget to remove all personal items (family photos, etc.).
    Prepare your sex toys, sex machines, and lubricant in advance. For battery-powered sex toys, make sure they are fully charged.

Granted, this is all common sense but I still regularly observe camgirls who don’t pay enough attention to their appearance. Moreover, what could be better than knowing that you have put all the chances on your side for self-confidence? And for a newbie camgirl, self-confidence is important. Do not, therefore, neglect this step of preparation inherent in each show.

Tip #2: Be positive, smiley and cheerful


Whatever the situation, you should always stay positive and smiling (and naughty). While this is relatively easy when the interaction with viewers is important, it becomes more difficult during “off-peak” periods, with few tippers/viewers or potential clients for a private show. It is unfortunately natural, difficult to stay motivated by stupidly staring at your webcam without interacting with anyone.

But whether you are on a premium or freemium site, keeping a smiling and attractive face as well as sexy and naughty poses in these conditions is essential. Most webcam sites use images from your life to display in thumbnail on the home page. So even if you don’t have anyone in your room, you need to be smiling and attractive. Viewers surfing the home page looking for a camgirl to their liking will be more likely to come to your room.

This is all the more true for premium platforms where the waiting times between two private shows are naturally quite numerous and the interaction with viewers much lower than on a freemium platform. So don’t just sit around in your chair waiting for someone. The only way to bring about this (virtual) encounter is to play with the image you send back. So smile, seduce, tease whatever the situation.

Tip #3: Focus on the tippers first

It is important that you focus primarily on the people likely to give you tips, the potential tippers. Firstly because they are in fact more able to give you tokens but also because they generally stay longer in your room.

And this last point is far from negligible. I already talked about this in the article “improve your ranking on cam sites”, the ranking on the home page of cam sites depends on the number of viewers registered in the different rooms. So the more viewers you have, the higher you are in the ranking. And the higher you are, the more people will see you and are likely to come into your room. So you get more viewers, so you are even better ranked. It’s a virtuous circle.

Many camming platforms make it possible to distinguish potential tippers (= having money in their account on the platform or having already tipped) from viewers without money who are only there to watch for free and switch from camgirl to camgirl. Or, to distinguish people registered on the platform from passing users, unregistered and come only to rinse their eyes for free.
Each platform has its specificities but we can generally distinguish them by the color of their nickname.

For example on Chaturbate, only talk to “grays” if you don’t have tippers in your room or they aren’t chatting with you.

Tip #4: Nothing is Free – Don’t Sell Yourself Off

Nothing is Free

Camming is a profession, and like any profession it deserves remuneration. So don’t do anything for free. Of course, you can (and should) always dance and charm your audience for free, but never do it again (masturbation, penetration, anal,…etc) without financial compensation.

This is naturally the case on premium platforms where, due to their operation, viewers must pay for private shows. But it is then tempting for novice camgirls to offer very low per-minute rates to attract customers. It’s a race to the bottom where no one comes out a winner in the long run because it pushes the prices of all camgirls down. To be banned therefore or possibly to gain experience and improve your self-confidence on your first shows, but one or two shows max, no more.

On the freemium platform, it is also tempting when you start to do a lot for free, without having tokens in exchange, to attract people to your room. It is also to be avoided in most cases. Why would viewers come and tip you if they already have almost everything for nothing? Instead, create a “tips menu” in which you clearly indicate what you are doing in exchange for how many tokens. You can thus add inexpensive actions that will obviously remain “soft” but which allow everyone to participate.

In summary, don’t be ashamed to ask for money for what you do. It’s a job, it’s okay to get paid! Keep in mind that the vast majority of your audience is only there for free entertainment so don’t waste your time with them.

Tip #5: Don’t Hesitate To Use Your Voice

No, I’m not going to tell you that a good camgirl should know how to sing 😉. On the other hand, a good camgirl should not hesitate to use her voice, in other words, to speak, when she broadcasts live.

You must speak even if there is not much or no registered user in your room. On cam sites, users want interaction with camgirls, they want to know you, understand your personality. And the voice is a much more personal vector of communication than writing. So talk, tell them things so that they know you, that they become attached to you. Viewers will stay in your room longer and you increase the likelihood that they will drop tips.

Remember, if viewers are on a cam site, it is first and foremost to have interaction with camgirls. Otherwise, they would go to a regular porn site. So offer them the interaction they are looking for.

Tip #6: Ask Your Viewers To Follow You

This is a very simple piece of advice that is overlooked by many camgirls. It’s just a matter of asking your viewers to follow you, to add you to their favorites.

Thus, they will be notified when you connect (by email, browser notification or thumbnail in a specific tab for certain cam platforms). You will then more easily obtain a significant number of viewers in your room. So a better ranking on the homepage of the cam site and more potential tips.

So don’t hesitate to remind your viewers regularly to follow you, either orally (more personal and impactful) or in writing (automatically using bots)

Tip #7: Use Bots and Moderators

Use Bots and Moderators

This advice is especially valid for camgirls broadcasting on freemium platforms. On these platforms, a camgirl has many things to do: manage rude viewers, animate the chat, remind her rules, remind the next goal, regularly distribute menu tips, … In short, a lot of things while continuing to discuss with the viewers and perform your show. Easy women are multitasking, right?

Fortunately, there are two tools you can use: bots and moderators:

  • Bots (or applications depending on the platform) are robots that allow you to automate a certain number of tasks. Not all cam sites provide these robots, but if so, don’t waste your time writing automated things in your chat: number of tokens remaining before the next goal, reminder of the tips menu, the best tipper of the day, request to add to favorites… There are bots for almost everything.
  • Moderators are people who will help you manage your chat while you focus on your show. Most often, it is to ban or prohibit the chat to unwanted people (insults, rudeness,…). You will hardly find any during your first shows but it will be done naturally afterward (proposal of a regular viewer for example).

Lastly, focus on tasks with high added value (= your show) and delegate additional functions to robots or humans. Be careful though, using bots is so quick and easy that it can be tempting to add a large number of them. Take it easy anyway, don’t spam your own cat…

Tip #8: Structure Your Show – Set Clear, Achievable Goals

Achievable Goals

You have to structure your show. Your show will certainly last several hours, so no question of logging in while you are already naked inserting an anal plug. I caricature on purpose but you have to plan your show as much as possible. Before you start, you need to have an idea of ​​what you are going to do and when. Of course, the pace will also depend on the interaction with the viewers and their tips. They must therefore know what they are going to have and for how much. To help you, several “tools”:

The tips menu: It is simply a question of clearly writing what you are doing in exchange for how many tokens.

For example: Show and play tits for 50 tokens, Slap the Ass 5 times for 70 tokens, Show and play pussy and ass for 100 tokens, Oil show for 120 tokens, Fuck pussy for 140, Anal plug for 170 tokens,…. Obviously, the prices must be consistent and progressive. It’s up to you to create your tips menu and display it clearly in your profile.

Set goals, objectives, targets (the name varies depending on the platform): This involves indicating the next step during the show according to the total number of tokens received.

For example, when you start the show, you can indicate: next goal: topless 250 tokens. Once this goal is reached, you indicate a new one: the next goal: naked 600 tokens. To start the show, feel free to set easy-to-achieve goals to increase viewer participation. Likewise, don’t put too big a gap between the goals. If the next objective is 2000 tokens, you risk discouraging your tippers.

Do not hesitate to teaser to make your tippers “drool”.

For example,if you are good tonight, I will take out the fuckmachine at 11 pm“. This will insist on them staying until the end and therefore potentially participating by tipping every now and then. It’s sort of a mega goal. On the other hand, it shouldn’t generally be encrypted (in token) so as not to discourage them.

A remark for these last two points. You can adapt the number of tokens for the objectives to the involvement of your tippers. If you see that you have one or more large tippers in your room, do not hesitate to go for it hard enough. I have already had the same tipper several times which only give 500 tokens at a time. In this case, do not deprive yourself, it goes up very quickly!

A note for users of connected sex toys like the Lovense (which I highly recommend). You must create a specific tips menu for your sex toys which will work in parallel with the main tips menu.

For example: Tip (1-14) Low 3 seconds, Tip (15-25) Medium 5 seconds, Tip (25-759) High 10 seconds. And Rest assured, the compatible camming platforms manage all this automatically, you only have to define the thresholds and the application will automatically vibrate the sex toy according to the tips.

Tip #9: Persistence is The Key To Success

tips for cam girls

The first few days are usually quite difficult for cam girls. You may spend more time waiting for viewers than performing shows. It is quite hard to live with morally but it is normal.

All successful camgirls have experienced these moments, except perhaps the ex-pornstars who were already known. The difference between these successful camgirls and the others? Perseverance. They kept going and worked hard to get the community and the success they have today.

Becoming a camgirl is a job with a low barrier to entry. This means that it doesn’t take much to get started in this business. No staff, no investment. No, only being a girl and owning a webcam. The downside is that there is a lot of competition and you have to persevere and be more serious than the others to be successful.

During the first few shows, stay focused even if there are no viewers and stay online as much as possible. Tell yourself this is normal. If you apply the advice in this article and the blog in general (what, am I not allowed to throw flowers at myself? 🙂), viewers and tippers will come gradually.

I’m not going to give you a paragraph mindset as it is all the rage in entrepreneurship right now. But know that you will have moments of doubt, this is normal. In these moments, stay fixed on your objectives, why you are doing it (money, spatial freedom, no boss,…). Persevere, learn, start over, you will eventually get there.

Tip #10: Engage Your Audience

Engage audience

The best way to find out what your viewers expect is to ask them again! It might sound silly but don’t hesitate to ask them what they prefer, what they would like you to do.

You can question them as well on the theme of the next show as on your “specialties” (in order to improve your menu tips) or on the next goal they would like.

Again, the users of the camming platforms are there for interactivity so listen to them and engage them. By really involving them in the production of the show, you will create a special bond with them which will encourage them to come back to see the next ones. Even more so if those are the ones who have chosen the theme.

You can also create a poll on your Twitter account (in pin post) and send viewers to it. It’s a simple way to increase your Twitter followers and therefore to legitimize your account and thus increase your ability to follow/unfollow.

Bonus Tip: Group Shows

Multi-party shows are a great way to increase your number of viewers, followers, tippers. Generally, people love to watch live sex, especially when they can interact with the 2 (or more ^^) protagonists.

Straight show: sex friend or companion, many will find that existing but won’t necessarily be ready to take the plunge. It’s up to you to convince them. The fear of being recognized is often the blocking point. Most of the advice in this article can be applied. Be careful, it must remain a pleasure so don’t insist heavily if your potential partner is not up for it.

Lesbian show: Her shows are generally very successful. Being absolutely not sexually attracted to girls, I never practiced. However, you can browse a few cam sites to see the success of this type of show. A variation is to perform a lesbian show with another camgirl. You then increase the community of each with the subscribers of the other. Of course, you have to find a camgirl with whom we get along well and who lives not too far from us. But it works terribly well.
Personally, I have done several shows with one of my exes. Besides the financial aspect, I have fond memories of it 😍😍!

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